Laser Therapy

When your pet becomes ill ensuring that they make a full recovery is the most important thing. This is why Class IV Laser Therapy is now available at Alexandra & Hillyfields Vets. This can be used to rehabilitate and facilitate faster recoveries from surgery or traumatic injuries, as well as help manage painful, inflammatory issues in a variety of species. 

This facility can be used on a multitude of ailments, commonly arthritis management, wounds (both traumatic and surgical) as well as various infections, and is available to your pet at our practices in both Winscombe and Clevedon.

How does it work?

The laser emits infrared light that penetrates your pet’s body tissue. This helps to increase blood flow, allow more oxygen to enter body tissue and stimulates a protein within the body that helps repair damaged muscles and joints. These effects not only increase the rate of repair but can speed up the body’s process of fighting infection.

What Does it involve?

It’s a simple, painless process of moving the laser head over the affected area. It will take a few minutes per problem site and we recommend several repeat procedures over time for the most effective results. You can stay with your pet for the process but you will have to wear some special eye protection because of the laser risks.

Happy Clients

Many of our patients have already taken advantage of our fantastic Class IV Laser Therapy, take a look below and see what their loving owners had to say about it:

Basil Jenkins

Delighted with Basil’s laser therapy.  He normally claws his way up on to the armchair but yesterday he jumped over the arm on to the chair.  He’s moving more easily and seems much more comfortable. Thanks.

Lollie Channon

Lollie seemed to be happier in herself when she had the laser treatment and I have hardly noticed any lameness in her since. During the few weeks she didn’t have the treatment, after previously having it regularly, I thought she seemed a bit depressed again and uncomfortable.

Mrs Janette Avery

Since Max has been having laser treatment we noticed a marked improvement in him. He is back to running in the fields and enjoying his walks again. We recommend it to anyone with an animal who has joint problems.

Douglas Burnham

I really can’t thank you enough for the laser treatment you did on Douglas’s foot.

‘ As a territory manager for a pharmaceutical company I called into see Tim to discuss a new product.  I got side tracked into talking about my own dog (Douglas, who was in the car), as his foot was a real mess after he got covered in marine antifoul paint.  He was needing to wear a collar to prevent him constantly licking the wound and was also on antibiotics which he had been prescribed.  This had happened a week earlier but his foot didn’t appear to be getting any better. Tim kindly took a look at him for me and decided to laser his foot.  The results were incredible!  Within 24 hours his foot was no longer looking red and angry and within 48 hours I was able to take his buster collar off as the pain and irritation had gone.  Douglas and I can’t thank you enough for helping him make this amazing speedy recovery.’

Chefti Blackman

Our 12 year old cat has suffered from asthma for many years and has a steroid inhaler when necessary.  For the past few months his breathing had been the worst it has ever been and even with his inhaler twice daily he remained wheezy.  His activity levels had dropped and he was not as vocal as usual (normally a very noisy Burmese!).   He had one session of laser therapy; the next day, for the first time in months, he did not need his inhaler at all and his breathing was very stable.  He had his second session two days after the first one, followed by a gap of 5 days before his third session.  In that time we have noticed a remarkable change in him.  Not only has he not needed his inhaler but his energy levels have increased.  He is more playful and energetic, as well as running around and getting up to mischief.  He has also gone back to being very vocal again.   The improvement in him has been remarkable and the laser therapy seems to have had far more effect than even the steroid inhaler was having.   He is still only half way through the initial 3 week programme of two treatments a week but already we are noticing amazing improvement.

Good Result from Laser Therapy

In the Summer of 2015 Daisy, my 13 year old lab collie cross developed marked lameness following exercise.  After a couple of days rest from long walks her symptoms would improve.  Following examination and X-rays, Rob Kilby diagnosed severe osteoarthritis of her right elbow and moderate osteoarthritis of her right knee joint; not an unusual finding in a 13 year old dog who has accompanied me on long cross country runs.  Rob prescribed supplements to help her joints and anti inflammatory medication for occasional use.  Daisy showed good improvement until early December when her symptoms relapsed for no apparent reason.  I took her back to see Rob who suggested we try a course of laser therapy.

In my work as an Osteopath dealing with human musculoskeletal injuries I was aware of the evidence base for laser therapy.  We decided to try a course of treatment on Daisy’s arthritic elbow and knee.  Daisy started on 2 treatments a week.  Surprisingly, there was some improvement after the first treatment.  Following 2 weeks of treatment there was a marked improvement in her mobility.  Reduced pain on movement will result in better quality movement and subsequent improvement in muscle tone and support for the arthritic joints.

Daisy is now on a maintenance programme of 1 treatment every 3 weeks and the frequency of treatment will be gradually reduced.  Daisy’s comfort and mobility is significantly improved on 6 months ago.

I would highly recommend trying laser therapy for any of the symptoms for which it is indicated.  There are many clinical trials which support its efficacy in both veterinary and human medicine.

I would like to thank Hillyfields Vets for the high quality care they continue to provide for my animals.

Peter Everett



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