Consultations & Health Checks

Friendly and relaxed appointments

A trip to the vets is something which needs to be routine for your pet, and we go to great lengths to ensure our animal visitors are put at ease every time they come to see us. We’re pleased to say plenty of them enjoy their visits and many dogs even pull their owners in through the doors.

The key to our pet-friendly approach is that we have 15 minute appointments as standard. Our vets will always spend time saying hello to your pets and getting to know them before starting the appointment properly. A relaxed and happy pet is far easier to examine and diagnose.

We always have treats available and we encourage customers who are passing the practice with their dogs to pop in for an occasional treat in between appointments to maintain the positive association with our building.
Cats appreciate some civilities just as much as dogs. We take our time to get them out of their baskets, talk to them softly and handle them as gently as possible at all times.

We recommend pets that are under treatment come to see us for check-ups every 3 months. Animals can be very good at hiding the symptoms of illness and don’t always show that they’re in pain. Regular appointments allow us to spot any problems nice and early, meaning your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.

If your pet is unwell, we have access to a wide range of equipment we can use to diagnose the problem quickly and effectively. We have our own in-house lab facilities, allowing us to process most blood tests and other samples within a day or two.  We are also equipped at both practices with digital radiography for rapid x-ray imaging.