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Puppy Parties

Introducing a puppy into your family is an exciting time but it can also be quite an upheaval, particularly for your new pet. Socialisation is the process through which puppies interact with people and other dogs, and learn how to behave properly around them.

A lot of things can seem frightening to a young dog if it isn’t helped to get used to them, and that can lead to problem behaviour when it’s older. It’s also important to teach your puppy some basic commands, some of which will help keep it safe when it’s old enough to go for walks.

Our puppy parties run on a Thursday evening between 6.00pm and 7.00pm at our Clevedon practice. They are the perfect opportunity for your puppy to meet other puppies and be around a group of people in a completely safe environment. We also provide lots of great advice for owners on things like diet, exercise and play.

You’ll find the majority of the session is spent playing with the puppies and introducing them to each other. We make sure everyone has fun! It’s important when training a puppy not to bore them or tire them out so we find 15 minutes of interactive games and basic training at the end of the class gives us the perfect balance.

We recommend bringing your new puppy for a 5 week course. They can join us from 9 weeks of age, once they’ve had their first vaccination and been treated for fleas. It may take a week or two for them to be confident enough to join in fully but by the end of the course they should be enjoying all the games and tumbling about with some new found friends.

Holding the parties at our practice means your pet should feel positive about future trips to the vets. It will come to associate the building with fun and visits should hold no fear.

To find out more or to put your name down for a puppy class, please contact us today

Watch one of our Puppy Parties