Fishing & Diving Equipment

Disinfection and Certification

The water in Iceland is beautiful and clean, and for this reason it is protected to avoid any damage or pollution. So if you’re planning an angling or scuba adventure to this part of the world, and are planning on taking your own kit, bear in mind that you are required to have it disinfected and certified beforehand.

Although disinfection can be done upon arrival at the airport in Iceland, it’s probably the last thing you want to be waiting in line for after baggage collection and passport control. This wait can be avoided by popping in to see us before you travel.

Here at Alexandra & Hillyfields Vets, all of your fishing and diving equipment can be disinfected in-house using Virkon-S, as recommended by the Icelandic Embassy.

The process is very brief and as soon as your equipment is veterinary certified it will be ready for you to use on your adventures.

If you’re planning a fishing or diving trip and are unsure as to whether your equipment needs disinfecting then please contact us.