Countryside rules: Enjoy the countryside responsibly with your dog.

Spring is a time for new life, so be aware of pregnant ewes and lambs, calves and baby wildlife when out on your walks with your four-legged friend.

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Dog and Cat

Creaky dogs and quiet cats – how arthritis affects your pets

Arthritis is much more likely to develop as people get older – and it’s no different for cats and dogs.

Age isn’t the only factor in determining the chances of developing arthritis, though, as certain breeds of cats and dogs have a much higher chance of developing it than others.

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Are your dog’s vaccinations up to date?

There have been some recent outbreaks of Parvovirus in the local area, making this a good opportunity to remind people to check if their dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

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Full-Time Veterinary Nurse Vacancy

We’re hiring: Full-Time Veterinary Nurse, Clevedon and Winscombe

Are you able to provide friendly, service-oriented veterinary care that will satisfy our clients?

Then you could be the ideal newest member of our team.

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Part-Time Vet Vacancy

We’re hiring: Part-Time Vet, Clevedon and Winscombe

Our mission is to provide a friendly, high quality, veterinary service where attention to detail, client’s needs and their pet’s welfare are given the highest priority – and we’re looking for a part-time vet who can fit into our mission statement.

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Charity Christmas Hamper Winners!

We’ve been busy raising money for Streetvet UK by selling raffle tickets to win two luxury hampers for Christmas!

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Rabbit eating grass

Our guide to keeping your rabbit happy over winter

If you’re a rabbit owner, you’ll already know how important their welfare is to you.

But if you’re scratching your head on how they can be looked after during the winter season, this is the blog for you.

Follow our checklist and your rabbit will enjoy this time of the year as though it was the height of summer.

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Teddy Bear with Bandages

First Aid: How to Apply Bandages at Home

Applying bandages to your pet can be a stressful experience for both you and them. To ensure that you both remain calm and that the bandage is applied properly, follow these simple guidelines:

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Dog taking antibiotics

Antibiotics – Your Role as a Pet Owner

Antibiotics are drugs that kill disease-causing agents like bacteria. They’re not effective against viruses. Antibiotic resistance in pets is becoming a greater challenge, much like it is in humans.
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