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Dog with Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot — decoding this devastating dog disease

Alabama Rot has hit the headlines recently — causing concern for anyone who cares about canines.

And while we won’t dismiss the devastating damage it can do to dogs, it’s important to keep informed on the latest developments.

Here are a few crucial facts on the condition’s background, symptoms and treatment.

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Three lost dogs

The Alexandra & Hillyfields guide to… finding a lost animal

Encountering a lost animal can be a confusing and worrying experience. After all, you only want to do what’s best.

To give you a helping hand, here are a few commonly encountered lost animals and what you should do if you find them.

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An Adder

Adder bites: a summer hazard spelling danger for your pet

A fully grown adder is around 50-60cm and will have a dark zig-zag pattern running down the length of its body.

They are usually found in rough, open countryside but can also be spotted at the edge of woodland areas.

They are most active on warmer days and emerge from hibernation in the springtime.

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